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Cold Brew vs. Iced Brew

The concept of cold brew coffee is a new addition to the coffee world here in the US, where even the most dedicated and savvy coffee drinkers may not know the difference between cold brew and iced coffee. While both are a popular summertime choice, cold brew takes it to a new level. Let's dive into the facts so that when you go to order your next favorite iced beverage, you will know precisely what you are getting.
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Cold brew Coffee has been an icon in Japan dating back to at least the 1600s but has made its way to the US within the last ten years. This iconic drink provides minimal manual labor alongside a good dose of patience. When making cold brew, there's a standard water to coffee ratio of 4.5:1. This can vary depending on how strong you want your cold brew coffee. High quality, premium coffee beans are selected and then ground. Next, the grounds and water (that is cool or at room temperature) are then combined and left for 12-24 hours. During this time, all the natural oil, sugar, and caffeine delicately extract. After the appropriate time has passed, the grounds are filtered out as a smooth, low acidic cold brew is released. Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for… is ready to be enjoyed just as is, or with cream and sweetener.
The nature of Iced Coffee is a quicker process. It is more versatile in the sense that you can choose to either enjoy brewed coffee hot or cold. To make it iced, you begin by brewing a pot of coffee. This water to coffee ground ratio is 17:1. A vast difference from the previously mentioned cold brew coffee. Once it is brewed, the hot coffee is poured into a pitched with a generous amount of ice added to cool the coffee. However, when the coffee is cooled from such warm temperatures, the acidic level rises. This iced coffee can still be enjoyed black or with cream and sugar, but it lacks in the coffee to water ratio and acidic levels.
An exciting aspect of cold brew for us, coffee lovers, is that we get to enjoy coffee on an elevated level. Next time when you're wanting to get energized and get cool from the summer heat, you'll now be able to know the difference between cold brew and iced coffee. Elevate your summer with Halo Brew cold brew coffee. Help your friends out and share the knowledge!